Buying and Selling your property

Follow our handy guides below for the steps to take for selling or buying your property.

Selling your property

Step 1 - Valuation
  • Be realistic - there’s a fine line between confidence and over-pricing
  • Make the most of Keenans knowledge of local property
  • We carry out thousands of valuations a year - trust our honest assessment of your home’s value
Step 2 - Choose an agent

How will an agency market your home? Will you get the personal touch? Can your agency arrange your EPC?

Keenans will take care of all of this and more.

Step 3 - Preparing your property

See our Style Doctor section

Step 4 - Getting an offer

Once you receive an offer we’ll contact you, check the buyer’s circumstances and keep you fully informed on your next move

Step 5 - Finding a solicitor

Your Keenans personal negotiator will offer impartial advice, recommend good solicitors in your area and help you to obtain quotations

Step 6 - Agreeing an offer
  • After you’ve accepted an offer your Keenans personal negotiator will prepare a memorandum of sale and write to all parties
  • You have no legal obligations until the contract is signed
Step 7 - Exchanging contracts
  • This happens after all searches are received, enquiries answered and mortgages in place
  • After exchanging, you and the buyer have committed to the sale. A completion date will be agreed and the date will be put into the contract
Step 8 - Completion

The outstanding balance is transferred to your solicitor’s account - they will contact you when it has cleared, then tell us when it reaches your account so we can hand over the keys.

Congratulations - your property is now sold!

Buying your property

Step 1 - Navigate the mortgage minefield

Speak to Keenans’ in-house independent financial advisor for unbiased advice to find the best deal for you

Step 2 - Register your requirements

We know the local property market inside out—tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll spring into action to help you find it!

Step 3 - Finding your dream home
  • We’ll search our database and text, email or call you about properties that meet your criteria
  • Keep an open mind — putting your stamp on a house could unlock its potential
  • Location, location, location is key!
Step 4 - Legalities

Need help finding a solicitor? We’ll source quotes from trusted firms to make your decision easier.

Step 5 - Making an offer

You’ve found your ideal home — great news! We will put forward your offer to the vendor

Step 6 - Agreeing a sale
  • Your Keenans personal negotiator will prepare a memorandum of sale, confirming the agreed price to all parties
  • We’ll keep you updated during every stage of this process and remember, there are no obligations until your contract is signed
Step 7 - Survey and mortgage offer

Your mortgage lender will survey the property and advise on the value—if satisfactory, a formal offer is sent to you and your solicitor

Step 8 - Exchanging contracts
  • The exchange happens after searches are received, enquiries answered, mortgages in place and any preliminary work completed
  • Once you have exchanged, you have committed to the sale and a completion date will be agreed.
Step 9 - Completion

The balance is transferred to the vendor’s solicitor’s account – they’ll contact us when the money clears so we can release the keys to you.

Congratulations - your dream home is yours!

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